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It’s the way we play the game.

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It’s the Way We Play the Game

It’s the Way We Play the Game

By now, you’ve noticed that these are definitely exciting times for the club with the launch of a new badge and a new website. Our goal was to have a badge that better represented who we are and a website that better serves not only current players and their families, but also prospective club members.

Houston Express Soccer Club (“HESC”) is committed to delivering the ultimate soccer playing environment. We care, not only about winning championships, but also about how our families, players, and coaching staff feel about being part of HESC. If you ask us what HESC is all about and what gets us going, we’ll kick a few words at you: passionate, innovative, dedicated, determined, and fun. It’s the way we play the game.

Designing a crest that would reflect the club’s history, soccer tradition, and yet be fresh and appealing to all age groups was truly a challenge. Our hope was to emblazon on every HESC player’s uniform an emblem that would instill a deep sense of pride in and loyalty to HESC and its vision of positively influencing children’s lives. The new badge is a nod to soccer’s traditional crest shapes, includes elements from club history, and has a fresh, new twist. We wanted this badge to be distinctive, to stand out in a sea of red, white, and blue kits and badges.

Each player in the club, from the youngest Rec player to the oldest Express player, has received a car sticker of our new badge. We hope that you will show your spirit and pride by displaying it proudly.

The badge deconstructed:

Introducing X

Why X? Logically, it’s eXpress. But what is X? X is the undefined variable that makes each one of us unique. It’s what you want it to be; it’s what you need it to be. It’s the dominant, singular element of the badge. You can’t help but notice it. The X brings us all together: families, players and coaching staff. X is you, X is us, X is the club.

HESC 1978

HESC was founded in 1978 and is one of the oldest soccer clubs in Houston. By displaying the year of our founding, we point to our proud past and the dedication of many who worked to make HESC the outstanding organization of today. Why HESC? We want our families to know that whether you play West U Rec or play Express, we are united as members of one club, Houston Express Soccer Club.


Our previous crest was essentially a giant star. Traditionally, soccer clubs add stars to their crests to indicate World Cup, League or National Championships titles won. Although HESC’s first national title still lies in the future, a galaxy of stars has been part of our program to this point and countless more will fill the sky of our future.


Navy, white, and red. These are the primary colors of HESC. But as the innovative avant garde of Houston soccer clubs, HESC needed to include a little something extra on its crest, a little pop, a little flash, perhaps even a little attitude. Bring on the Green. Our fourth color represents the aspect of HESC that desires to be different, fluid, creative, and evolving. It represents the passion and dedication in Houston Express players that sets them apart from players of other clubs, the X-factor. The green literally defines the badge. HESC is not afraid to change or to take risks. We want to always be on the cutting edge, the envy of our peers.