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Express Academy / Competitive FAQs

For questions regarding the Rec program, please see the Houston Express Rec FAQs.


General FAQs

I hear the names West U Rec, West U Soccer, Neartown Soccer, and Express Soccer. Are these different clubs?
Houston Express and Houston Express Rec are programs within Houston Express Soccer Club.  You will often hear Express Rec referred to as “Rec” and Houston Express as “Express.”  Within the Express program, ages U8-U10 are in the Express Developmental Academy. Houston Express Soccer Club is registered as a non-profit organization under the Neartown Soccer Club name, but the name hasn’t been used in years and all club business is done under the Houston Express name. West U Soccer and Neartown Soccer are not correct names for any of the programs within our club.  When asked what club you play for (especially when talking with people from other clubs), the answer is “Houston Express Soccer Club.”  Go Express!

What is the difference between Express and Express Rec?
For an overview of our programs, please click here.

Is financial aid available? How do I apply?
We currently offer training fee financial aid awards for Express players only. The number of available awards is dependent upon available funds.  Applications are accepted only prior to the beginning of each season. For more information about our financial aid program, please click here.

What is my child’s age group?
Please check the age group chart for age cutoffs.

Where do I sign up for field status alerts?
Please use the RainedOut service.

Where can I get extra pieces for my uniform kit?
Extra kit items (socks, shorts, etc.) can be purchased at Barcelona Sports with club-discounted savings. Having extra pieces can be a real time saver and lifesaver come game day.

Does HESC have fields?
Yes, some of the best in Texas. South Campus, our club-owned facility, is the primary field space for Express, but the club also have facilities at McGovern Park and other area fields. Please see the field information for more details.

Can we use HESC fields to hold extra training sessions and scrimmages?
All “extra” field usage must be approved and scheduled by the Director of Coaching or Club Vice-Presidents, this includes pickup games. For our field use policy, please click click here.

Can we bring our pets to the fields?
No, our green space has to be kept as clean as possible for the safety and well being of our children.

We left something at the fields. Is there a lost and found? 
HESC has no physical building to house a lost and found. Please label backpacks, water jugs, clothing, etc.

We have outgrown uniforms and soccer equipment, is there a place we can donate these items?
At player evaluations and at the beginning of the season, we usually have a collection effort. Be on the lookout for emails with more detail.

There’s a parent on the team whose behavior is less than ideal. Whom should I talk to?
You should talk to your team manager.  In general, the team manager should be the first person you talk to regarding any issues. For more details, please see the policies and procedures.

I would like to be a team manager, how do I get involved?
During the online registration process, you can volunteer to be a team manager (as well as a number of other volunteer positions).

What do I need for registration if my child is new to soccer? 
You will need to provide your child’s birth certificate and a signed medical release form.

What forms of payment are accepted at registration?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as e-checks. Physical checks and money orders may be sent in to the club.

If I withdraw my child from soccer, do I get a full refund? What do my registration fees cover?
Our refund deadlines are prominently noted on our registration documents and will not be compromised. Registration fees cover our club expenses and some registration fees with governing bodies.

Why can’t I choose my team manager?
Logistically, it is impossible to manage individual requests with over 2,500 players in our program. You are free to make requests, but please understand that accommodating one request often causes a ripple effect for others.

Where do I register and how do I get registration information? How can I contact the Club’s registrar?
You can find our registration information under the play section. You can also contact the appropriate registrar:
Express registrar:
Rec registrar:

My child wants to be on the same team as a friend. Can I make a special request?
For Express, the coaching staff makes all team placement decisions.

How can I sponsor a team or donate to the financial aid fund?
For information regarding our sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

I am interested in being a major sponsorship partner with Houston Express Soccer Club? Whom do I contact?
Please contact Adrian Crespo, VP – Express, at:

How do I submit items for the website?
Submit items to our webmaster at

Do you have to be a club member to attend the camp sessions?
No, you do not need to be an HESC player to attend the camps.

Do camps accept walk-up registrants? 
Yes, there is a small fee for walk-up registrants. We encourage you to sign up early for camps. Early registration ensures that we have enough staff on hand for the camp.

Express FAQs

What is the time commitment to Express? 
The club soccer fall starts in late August and lasts until late November, and the spring season runs from January until May. This does not include Regionals or College Showcases. Training sessions are approximately 1.5 hours, 2x week with a game on the weekends. Some teams will also have a third training session available to them. Time commitments are extremely manageable with good planning and carpools are a mom’s best friend.

What is the financial commitment to play in Express?
The financial commitment varies from team to team, the level of play and the number of players on each team. On average, yearly fees per player are about $1,200 for an Academy, Division 2, and Division 3 teams. The Division 1 and Super 2 teams per player cost estimates is roughly $1,500 These cost estimates include uniforms, as well as, gaming and tournament fees.

There are some limited opportunities for need-based financial aid. To learn more about our financial aid program, please click here.

Are the Express coaches really hard on the kids?
They are not mean or abusive, but the program is more demanding than Rec in that there are higher expectations of effort and commitment. Express coaches are licensed professionals; their licensing courses are geared to understanding and teaching youth players. The Express program is designed for players who are looking for a more rigorous training and playing environment than our recreational program provides. Our professional coaching staff leads all practices and kids are surrounded with players of similar ability so they have the opportunity to develop quickly.

Do Express teams play “year-round”, i.e. 52 weeks of non-stop soccer? 
Not at all. No youth player should train and play that way. The team-training calendar follows a “cyclical” regimen. Teams, depending on age group and level of play, typically take 6 weeks off during winter break, 1-2 weeks off in spring, and about 8 weeks off in the summer. While there is no official soccer during this time, we encourage all players to stay fit and healthy during the off-season.

My child is a multi-sport athlete. Can my child play in Express and participate in other sports? Young athletes are actually encouraged to play other sports because it is healthy. At a young age, as athletes’ bodies are developing, it is important to experiment and cross train. However, the commitment in Express, especially starting at U11, is as such that multi-sport athletes are required to put club soccer first in the event of a conflict. As players approach high school age, it becomes increasingly difficult to play several sports and truly excel at any. As a result, high school age athletes must often choose between club soccer and other sports.

What about player movements? 
Express at U11 and older is a competitive environment by nature. Players compete for positions on the team as well as for minutes played on the field. Each team is different, but most teams come together in an organic and unpredictable fashion. Our coaching staff is constantly evaluating teams, both at training sessions and in games. At the end of each season, our coaching staff takes the opportunity to analyze and discuss with their colleagues each individual player’s development, performance, and contribution to the team. These discussions, along with the player evaluation process, allow the staff to conclude whether or not it is beneficial for a player to continue with an existing team or to find a better playing environment which is more conducive to their current skill level. It is our goal to make sure players continue to develop, thrive, and love the game.

HESC takes a long-term approach to player development. All players mature and progress differently. HESC always puts the interest of the player first and strives to preserve the relationships between the player, family, coach, and team.

I really believe my child is an advanced soccer player for his/her age. Can he/she play-up? 
For details regarding our Play-Up Policy, please click here.

Why do some team names have colors and others do not? Do they mean anything? 
Express Academy teams are generally named after well-known soccer clubs from around the world. Competitive Express teams ages U11 and higher have color naming conventions, with the top two teams being Navy and White, respectively.

Who creates game and practice schedules? 
The Express training schedule is put together by a group of volunteers and Express game schedules are determined by the associations, which govern the play in which our teams are registered.

Where can I get an extra training gear or how can I order an extra or replacement uniform kit?
You can purchase extra training gear at the Barcelona Sports, Spring Branch location near Memorial City Mall (10405 Katy Freeway Suite C, Houston, Texas 77024) or the club fan gear sales. For information on the process for re-ordering uniforms, please see the uniform replacement procedure.

Do I have to wear my training kit to every practice? 
Yes, we ask that all players wear them to all training sessions. We feel it is important that the players look cohesive and structured even when training.

We have great fields at South Campus, why don’t we play our EDDOA or Super 2 home games at “home?” 
EDDOA requires a minimum number of fields and game slots be made available and given priority to. We do not have enough fields to accommodate both the requirements of EDDOA, HYSA, PDF and our vibrant in-house program all at the same location.

Are HESC trainers allowed to schedule private training sessions? 
The HESC coaching staff is available for individual or small group (up to four players) private training sessions for registered HESC players. To arrange a private training session with an HESC staff member, parents should contact the trainer directly to determine availability and cost.

We heard that some players have traveled internationally the past two summers. How do I get more information about these trips and is it open to all players? 
Information about HESC supported upcoming summer tours, or international travel opportunities will be posted on the X-Blog.