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How You Can Get Involved

Unlike many of the large soccer clubs in Houston, HESC is a volunteer-run organization. While it employs a professional coaching staff, the leadership and much of the administrative functions are driven by dedicated parent volunteers who share a passion for providing the best possible playing environment for their children and your children. Some volunteer opportunities are ongoing throughout the season and others can be done in just a few hours. Whether you choose to donate time, funds, or both, we look forward to working with you.


HESC Offers Several Ways to Volunteer

HESC is a volunteer-run organization. We leave the soccer to the coaches, but there’s a lot more that goes into running Houston’s best youth soccer club.

If you have any other questions regarding volunteering at HESC, please contact

Become A Team Manager Volunteer

Team Managers in the Houston Express program handle all team administrative duties (e.g., player ID cards, medical release forms, etc.), communicate with parents regarding HESC and team matters, register their teams for tournaments and assist HESC coaches at games.  In the absence of an HESC coach, the team manager will function as the coach.

Team manager volunteers in the West U Rec program handle administrative duties, communicate to and for the team, and act as liaisons with the training staff, run one of the weekly training sessions (if applicable), and act as a coach for the games.

All HESC volunteers must complete an entry level coaching license class within one year of being assigned as a team manager. Any adult wishing to serve as a team manager volunteer must first register. To register as an adult volunteer (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 seasons) click here.

Become An Age Group Coordinator Volunteer

Age group coordinator volunteers work closely with the Boys Commissioner and Girls Commissioner, serve as the main liaisons between HESC and team managers, participate in player evaluations, recruit new team managers and welcome new players and their families to HESC.

Become An Administration Volunteer

If you have experience in copywriting, graphic design, marketing, public relations, fundraising, or general computer skills, please contact us at

Become a Referee

HESC registers its teams with numerous local and state organizations that organize and govern youth soccer leagues. As a club, we are required to provide a quota of USSF certified referees to these organizations (excluding EDDOA). If we do not meet our HYSA referee quota, no teams from our club will be permitted to advance to district to state playoff competitions. Our program depends on the growth of our referee core. All club members and their parents are encouraged to become a USSF referee.

Refereeing not only serves as a tremendous opportunity to learn the intricacies of the game, but referees are also paid for the games they work. Referees of all ages are welcome. Players as young as twelve have become certified referees. For more information about becoming a referee, click here.


Together, We Can Reach Our Goals

Over 30 years ago, a group of enthusiastic and committed parents founded what would become HESC. With an ambitious vision and countless hours of volunteering, planning, and financial support, these parents set the foundation and infrastructure for HESC to become one of the top full service youth soccer clubs in the Texas.

Our club’s founders recognized the importance of teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, and athletics. They wanted to provide their children with a way to learn life lessons while having fun. We are confident that current and future HESC members still value these benefits and will help support us.

As we look to the future, we anticipate further growth in registration. Houston Express Soccer Club seeks to acquire donations to facilitate the growth of our club, which includes funds for additional equipment, fields, training staff, and financial aid for qualified players.

Please consider becoming a Houston Express Soccer Club donor.

General Fund & Financial Aid Fund Contributions

Where do your contributions go? Your donations:

• Go towards debt service for South Campus. Our outstanding balance at our South Campus facility total $1,400,00 with a yearly debt service currently at $84,000.
• Fund field and facilities improvements.
• Maintain our fields. Field maintenance costs the club $360,000 annually. There are 3,000 games scheduled during a regular season at our facilities and it requires significant funds to keep the fields in playing shape – not only looking good but also safe for our players.
• Help secure highly qualified staff who are devoted to working with our children and our volunteer team managers.
• Expand our financial aid program; ensuring that kids who want to play soccer can.


It takes a significant amount of funds for HESC to operate at the level our children deserve and our leadership desires. Pooling our resources together can make a significant difference in our program. See how your contributions make a difference:

• $1,000 covers the annual training fees for a competitive Express player requiring financial aid
• $310 covers the registration fee for a recreational player requiring financial aid
• $1,000 will buy a month’s supply of paint used to mark our fields
• $5,000 will buy a set of Kwik goals
• $750 will buy 1 Coerver training goal
• $700 will buy 1 micro training goal
• $250 will buy 1 set of nets for the big goals
• $40 will buy 1 set of corner flags


There are many ways to make a tax-deductible contribution to HESC.

Donations: To make an online donation, click here.

Matching Gifts: Gifts may also be eligible for matching funds from employers. It’s an easy way to double or sometimes triple your donation to the club. We encourage families to look into these programs. The widget below can help you find out more about programs at your company, but please make sure you ask your human resources department even if your company is not listed!

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at