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How to reschedule HYSA games

How to reschedule HYSA games

This is a resource for all Houston Express team managers to assist them in rescheduling games that are canceled due to rainouts or that need to be rescheduled for other reasons (Spring only). When in doubt, please refer to the latest HYSA coaches packet.

Current HYSA coaches packet:
Spring 2015: HYSA Spring 2015 coaches packet

The fall rainout procedure is also on the HYSA web site ( under “For Coaches”, Rainout Procedure. It is always recommended to read that, as it has the most up to date information.

In the Fall season, game reschedules are only allowed due to rainouts. If a team is not going to have enough players to play, they must notify the HYSA administrator by Thursday (before a Saturday game) in order not to receive a fine for a forfeit or no-show.

In the Spring season, rescheduling of games is allowed subject to the following:

  • The HYSA administrator must be notified of a game cancellation for HYSA assigned games by the Thursday prior to the game. Failure to provide timely notice will result in an administrative fee of $50. The re-scheduled game must occur within two weeks of the original game.
  • Both teams must agree to the re-schedule.
  • The home team is responsible for arranging the re-scheduled field and referee crew.
  • The HYSA administrator should be notified of the new game date / time and location. If the game is not updated in GotSoccer before the game, the game card for the re-scheduled game should be LEGIBLE with the new game date, time, and location. Referee crew names should be clearly indicated.

The HYSA rainout policy is quoted here with annotations specific to Houston Express:

U8 – U10 games

Coaches are responsible for rescheduling rained out games in the Fall and Spring Seasons for U8-U10. The home team coach will:

  • Contact the opposing coach to agree to a date and time.
  • Contact the club field rep to secure a field (For Express fields:
  • Contact the club referee assignor to secure a referee (Dan Galvan for Express home games:
  • Contact the HYSA Administrator with date, time, and field number for insurance coverage and to request an updated game report (Joy Gammon,

All U8–U10 rainout games must be rescheduled (weather permitting) within two weeks of the original scheduled game to insure all games are played in case of multiple rainouts during the season. The HYSA Administrator should be notified regarding any problems in rescheduling the U8 – U10 rainout games.

Regardless if you were home or away, the club recommends that the Houston Express manager should contact the opposing coach. From past experience, if you wait, you probably will not get contacted by the opposing coach, and you want to reschedule as soon as possible so you get first pick of available field time slots, which are often limited. Sometimes it can be very difficult to contact the opposing coaches, but please keep trying.

The contact information for the opposing teams can be found on your HYSA schedule by choosing the “Schedule” in your bracket and then “Team Contact Info” in the upper right hand corner of the schedule.

If you are rescheduling a game on an Express field, you will need to:

  1. Pick a date/time: The best times for field availability are Friday early evening (before dark) or Sunday (especially morning or evening). You may play two games on Saturday if you and the other team agree. Please note that if you have players that are on PDF teams, you MUST work around PDF games on Sundays as they take priority over rescheduled HYSA games. Except for the schedule of PDF games on Sunday, you can often get an idea of field availability on the HYSA site by looking at the schedule pages and clicking on the “Fields” tab in the menu bar and then looking at the schedule of field.
  2. Email the field coordinator for field availability (propose a specific field, date, and time and include the HYSA game number)
  3. Email the ref assignor once a field has been assigned with the HYSA game number, field, date, and time.
  4. Notify the HYSA administrator of the updated game information (again including the HYSA game number, field, date, and time) so that game cards can be updated.

If you are rescheduling an Express vs. Express game, it is often possible to schedule the game during your normal practice. Please contact the age group coordinator to discuss that as a possibility.

Please do not just copy all of the parties on every email, but instead notify them after everything is arranged, as they get enough emails without getting the full discussion threads.

U11+ games

Fall Season
HYSA will make every attempt to reschedule all U11+ games in the Fall Season. Games will often be scheduled on Sunday and may show up on your schedule without warning, so please make sure you check your HYSA schedule every week for any rescheduled games.

Spring Season
Rainout games for all Division II (U11-U19 BS/ BA) and Division III (only U15-U19 RS)
will be rescheduled by the HYSA Administrator. Please check your schedules every week for possible rainout makeups, as you will not be notified of them.

Rainout games for Division III (U11-U14 RS/RA/RW) games will be rescheduled by the coaches (see procedure in U8-U10 above).